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Powys Term Times


Powys Term Times

How to find work shared in TEAMS

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Meet the Staff: TeamMember

We're here to help. In this section of our website  we will publish information about school and from groups in the community. Please click on the menu below 'Information' to access the drop down menu of policies, information about the school day etc

If you need anything, or can suggest anything that could go on these pages to help, then please email   PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SOME OF THE VIDEOS OPEN IN YOUTUBE

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The new curriculum for Wales in a concise and handy leaflet. please click on the image to open the document. 

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 Click on Alex Scheffler's  book cover to view. 

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All of our learners have a Rising Stars account to access a range of books and activities set by their class teacher. This guide is full of ideas to help you in supporting your child with their reading at home. 

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Please click on the image for a short 'how to log on to Rising Stars and access reading books' video.

Meet the Staff: Event
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To access the primary menu for Oct  2022 - March 2023 please click on the menu to the left.

For the vegetarian options until Oct 24th please click on the menu on the right.

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Please click on the poster to read a letter regarding nut allergy in school. 

Meet the Staff: TeamMember
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