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Our Philosophy

'I have come that they may have life and have

it to the full' John 10:10

Our Philosophy: About

Welcome from the Headteacher

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our school website and to share with you some of the wonderful work that takes place in our school.  Priory Church in Wales Primary  School provides a nurturing , fun and hands-on  learning environment where children take a large role in planning and evaluating their learning. Positive relationships between everyone in the school community  is key to the ongoing success of our school . Our Christian values and pedagogy provide the children with a 'moral compass' and help develop the whole child to be a responsible, kind and considerate member of the school community and beyond.

We are a Mantle of the Expert Training School  and regularly hold  Study Days to celebrate the children's creativity, independence and wonderful imaginations!  Colleagues  from Wales and the rest of the UK have visited our school to observe, work alongside and take part in our Mantle of the Expert adventures. Additionally we are a Lead Enquiry School working collaboratively with other schools across Wales to develop the new Curriculum for Wales - Curriculum for Life.

We are all very   proud of our lovely school  and  a warm welcome awaits prospective pupils, parents  and professionals to visit and see all that we can offer.


Lynsey McCrohon




Our Philosophy: About

A Welcome From The Children

Welcome to our school website. At Priory we have fun, laughter and lots more! 

We are a Church in Wales Primary School which is great because it teaches us how to reflect, be patient and worship in depth. It helps us through the Christian Values and brings us closer to Jesus and God. We go to Brecon Cathedral regularly to be in the presence of God and have fun daily worship where we often step into drama and everyone takes part. We have lots of places to reflect, including the Community Garden and TeePee,  which helps  make us calm and relaxed.

To be a child at Priory School is all you could ask for! We do so many fun things but most importantly we learn how to respect other people's opinions, listen to one another and help people if they need it.

By Jack, Henry & Rhys Yr 5/6

Daily Fitness

Every morning starts with 'check-in' or a P4C (Philosophy for Children) session where we find out how everybody is and check we're all ok and respectfully debate matters which are important to us. This is followed by 30 minutes daily fitness  where EVERYBODY puts on their PE kits and we all keep fit together. Our pupils plan the programme of events including skipping,  gymnastics, dancing, football skills, bat and ball skills or the whole school running around the field! 

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