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Lead Creative School

We are thrilled to  have been awarded funding by the Arts Council for Wales, to take part in the lead Creative School scheme. During the summer term  of 2021, we will record our creative journey and share it here with you. 

Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 18.47.55.png
Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 18.48.05.png
Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 18.48.16.png
Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 18.48.35.png

Week 2

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 14.07.07.png
Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 14.07.51.png

Week 3

Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 13.52.53.png
Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 13.53.01.png
Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 13.53.17.png

Week 4

Screenshot 2021-05-16 at 17.41.58.png
Screenshot 2021-05-16 at 17.42.18.png

Week 5

Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 11.37.02.png

Week 6

Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 20.18.52.png
Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 20.19.04.png
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